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This group is made of retired McDonnell Engineers. Most of whom began our careers at MAC either on the F101, F3H or F4H programs. We worked together on those programs as well as the DC-10, F15, F18 and AV8 programs. We get together once a month for lunch maintaining a comradely that we shared for years as Teammates at MAC. Although retired now, it is great keeping in touch with each other and reliving many experiences of past endeavors we shared at MAC. "Once a Teammate, always a Teammate."
All this started when four old Teammates, Ralph Barber, Jim Greco, Don Williams and Glen Woodson got together for lunch one afternoon in 1999. It was so enjoyable we began meeting monthly and started inviting other retired Teammates. There have been more than forty-five different Teammates who have since attended and we have some twenty-five Teammates who attend regularly. Each month some one new shows up. It has become a great way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Our Mission

To Eat, Drink & be Merry!